Water and dust

Elder SnowHey! I love my new area. I have already put a good impression on the people. We walk down the street and people always say ”E-SNOW!!”  the people here are lovely… and I eat good food, and am loving my district as well.

At night, I used to dream of you guys…. the house… Buckethead… and it really bugged me. Throughout the week I would go days without thinking of you guys, but I would dream about you guys. The past couple nights I have started dreaming about baptizing, and teaching really powerful lessons. I don’t know if it means anything… BUT…

We got another baptism.

I got here and my companion told me about a guy called Lazaro, who was very close to baptism, but had many doubts. He lives with his mom, and she does NOT support him. He would be the only member living in his house. He is 22 years old, and was very nervous. Luckily we had a very key lesson with the family of his girl friend, where they essentially said, ”We will be your new family! Being a member of this church will only be a blessing to you.” Later on… one day before his baptism date goal, he accepted. We organized everything. It was a very small service, but it went very well. Very spiritual. It helped remind me of my purpose here in the mission, to bring people unto Christ through the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel. It was such a blessing to get to know him, and I know that he will be a great leader in the church one day.

Other than that, I had another cool experience this week. I am the district leader here, so I do 24 hour divisions with the other areas in my district. This week I spent with an Elder Vega in an area called Xequemeya. There is NOTHING here. I have attached a picture of the dirt, mountains, and trees that separate us and a nearby house. Yup, that house is far to you, but to us it is nearby. It was nuts. It was a good experience though. I helped Elder Vega put 2 baptism dates, so that was fun.

Hey I hope you have a great week. Good luck to all of those with mission calls. Trust me, it is awesome. I have learned a lot! Have fun!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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