Elder SnowSo here in Momostenango, it is famous for something called ”Riscos” or cliffs. They look a little something like Badlands National Park. We were contacting in an little area outside of the limits of central park, and found these, and decided to take five minutes to take some pictures. They are very slick, but sharp rocks. They are massive as well. I have included a photo of me sitting on a chimney to compare the sizes. I am really liking the landscape here.

Last Sunday we ate lunch at a member’s house. They are the Lang family. Super rich family. The dad is an economist in Xela, so they can afford to give us good meals. The other day for lunch they gave me an entire fish. Bones, gills, eye balls and all, and asked me to eat it. It was very interesting, and I have never eaten just…… a fish. But it was fine. Gills have onion texture, and eyeballs, I don’t wanna talk about it. However, it was an interesting experience.

Lastly, I have attached a picture of a recent convert we know. He was baptized one month ago, and ALWAYS wants to do divisions with the missionaries. We love working with him because of the change the Gospel has made for him. He was a bum, eating garbage, abusing his wife, until the Elders came by and started talking to him. He completely turned his life around and got baptized. He introduces us to his old neighbors so that they see the wonderful change that the Gospel has made in his life. (He was well known for being quite the street urchin) and now that these people see the change, they accept us and the message of the Gospel. It is just another amazing conversion story that will affect more than just him.

Hey I love you all. Have a great week! Keep the Pope in your prayers!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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