Panning for gold

Elder SnowDaaa!!! What a week!

So Changes are this week. I got called to train… again… except we will be in a trio…. again. I will still have my current companion, Elder Lares…. again, but will also have another child! I now have 4. I think that is a mission record. I have never EVER had a normal companionship, and I have 9 months in the mission.

I walked my 1300th mile today! I am now over the hill and on my way down to 2500. (Las Vegas and Quetzaltenango are about 2500 miles apart.)

So we put 3 baptismal dates this week, and one of these people has an interesting back ground. She was born in a village, not in a hospital or anything, and her parents never registered her. She has no DPI, no registration, no identification, nothing! She does not know her name, age, or birthday, and her mom is dead, but her dad is alive, but a heavy drinker, and no longer remembers who this girl is. That being said, we are doing some investigation, and as long as we find out her full name, and supposed birth date, she can be baptized! Oh Guatemala… why must your literacy rate be so low? Little dumb things like this happen all the time. So this isn’t anything super new. I hope things go well these next 2 weeks.

Attached is a picture of the Panca waterfall. It is about 150 feet high, and is not polluted which is nice for a change! We went here for P-Day just to chill, take pictures, and read the Book of Mormon together as a zone. While we were reading, I found some sparkling specks in the water, and took a closer look, and found out that it was gold!! THERE BE GOLD IN DEM RIVERS!!! So I emptied a nearby water bottle, and filled it up with some river dirt, and I am going to pan it when I get home tonight. (Yea, I know how to pan for gold).

Lastly, so about 8 months ago (I’m not sure) some missionaries passed by this run down, old pizza place, and went inside to see if it was good. It turned out to be delicious, and these Elders invited the whole Zone over to eat for P-Day. They have been going there ever since. Then one day, they come to the pizza joint, and it looked completely renovated. Because the Elders ate at this pizza joint so much, they helped the business pick up, and lately have been offering us special promotions as a thank you. It is funny to see where a hungry gringo stomach can take someone.

That is about it for this week! Have fun! Good luck to all of those kids leaving for the mish this coming month!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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