A quick note

Elder SnowHey man… everyone is peering at my computer screen, so they are wanting me to go… plus we have an appointment in about an hour so I better get going… so quickly!!

Wow! Everyone [Kathryn and Ethan] is going! At last! What are you guys gonna do then? Are you and Dad gonna party for a week ’til Ethan gets back?? Wow!! That would be nice, especially since you are getting nervous =/ I would be nervous too… no worries.

So I have a new kid… he is from Guatemala, a place called Coban. Spanish is his second language… and my Spanish is better than his. He speaks Quep,chi´. It is pretty crazy… he is super humble, and comes from a very poor town… but likes working which is nuts. It has been a crazy companionship. We all come from different fronts, and adapting has been difficult, but we are getting along.

I have learned so much lately. The mission really does change lives. I can look back on my old self (premish) and say that I am a different person now. I am so grateful for the mission. Just lately I have been thinking about this, and the great blessing it is to be here.

Hey man. I love you. I wish I had more time =( Have fun… and good luck this week!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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