I usually think in Spanish now

EthanFor today, we only went to first and second hour for school. First hour was French class! Turns out all those Spainards are learning French AND English at the same time. After the lesson about French subjunctive, the French teacher started asking all the five Americans (including me) questions about Spain and Murica and what not. At first, when she was talking about ¨Las Vegas¨ I totally thought she was saying ¨las velas¨ which means ¨the candles¨ so I was reaaally confused at first, but I just said yes in response to that question. But! I was made the ¨spokesman¨ for us five Americans because no one really speaks Spanish too well out of those five, so I answered most of the questions. The French teacher asked what kind of tourist attractions there are in Las Vegas, I told her there´s casinos, and that Disneyland is nearby. Then some of the Spaniard boys asked me what the girls are like and… I hate to say but I told them they´re kind of like prostitutes lol (you can edit that out if you want to). So the French teacher summarized Las Vegas as having casinos, Disneyland, and prostitutes. Great. I told her I like Spain a lot better. The Spaniards in our group say they like Las Vegas better than Spain although… what the heck?

So, after school we met up to go inside the cathedral we saw yesterday, and man it is super cool and majestic. It took over 50 years to build it, and it started around the year 1250. Apparently it has some of the oldest stain glass in the world. Afterwards just the group (no teachers hehehe) stopped by a cafe. I ate crepes with nutella, churos, and hot chocolate. Pure heaven. Ivan then showed me around the city a little bit, we stopped by another really old and majestic building (San Marco I think, some kind of San) and he also took me over the river. That bridge apparently, is 2000 years old. Wow! Then we got back home and slept and ate.

The group then met up at the mall! Finally! Ivan had to do homework though, so he didn’t go. I walked there with Phoebe and Carmen. Dude, it´s almost literally right around the corner pretty much. Everything here is right around the corner! I think I spent around 200 euros on clothes, but it was so worth it. Lets see, I got two pairs of red and green shoes (that aren’t converse), a new sweater, two striped t-shirts, and a polka dot tie. Something weird, I usually think in Spanish now. But when I´m reading something in English or happening to think in English, it´s in the Spaniard English accent… anyway! I finally figured out how to put pictures on this stupid old computer, so yay! here are some pictures of today. I´ll probably send some previous pictures so my mom can put them in the other blog posts.

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1 Response to I usually think in Spanish now

  1. Mitch Snow says:

    Ah, chocolate y churros. Una de las grandes invenciones de la cocina española! Que disfruitas!

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