The routine

EthanI’m starting to get into the rhythm and routine of things here in Spain; everything isn’t so awkward anymore. Every day seems like a week too. So, this week (day lol) I went to school in the morning as usual. Ivan and I got there a little early, but there were still a few kids hanging out in the class. I sat down in the back by myself in a chair, and these Spaniards hanging out in the corner were like, ¨hey! come over here.¨ holy snap. I asked them like what they wanted and they said they just saw me alone, and thought I could come hang out with them. Dude! How cool is that?? They asked me about Las Vegas and what not, and it totally went smoothly. Lots of the Spaniards who aren’t even in the group are starting to say hi to me.

Ivan’s first hour was math class, and it was totally easy. It was about probability, so us Americans said the answers when the Spaniards didn’t, pretty funny. There’s been talk going around about an apparent Sexology class, and it´s only taught twice a year. Us Americans got lucky! jk. But so of course a few of us Americans crowded into that class to see what Sex Ed is like in Spanish and… it´s pretty much just the same. It was more about contraceptives than anything. It got pretty boring at one point, actually. Then the Americans met with Troche in the lobby to go to the mall! Again! Yay!

I’m noticing that Spanish is even harder than just in a classroom. I mean, when my Spanish teacher is telling us about whatever or talking I perfectly understand her, but probably and only because she´s a Spanish teacher and speaks so clearly all the time. There´s waaayyy more within a language and culture than people would expect. Man…

The group met at San Marcos, the place that Ivan showed me yesterday, it´s a famous hotel in Europe now. I actually think it´s prettier than the Cathedral we saw! San Marcos has a museum of old church stuff, and this beautiful garden. Afterwards, most of the group split up to go home and prepare for the FIESTAAA that was to happen tonight. The rest of us (mostly guys since we didn’t have to change or put on makeup) just waited at the meeting place. Then after like an hour, Pablo and the rest of the group showed up, and like every girl was totally decked out in dresses, skirts, fancy makeup, heels, everything. Then us guys wore like, track suits haha. That´s actually what most guys where in Spain, workout clothes. And they always wear something Adidas. The party was actually pretty lame, it was in this underground club thing. There were tables, fancy chairs, a bar, private bed things, but no dance floor. Pablo (he´s one of the group leaders btw) kept encouraging us to dance but like… there wasn’t anywhere to dance?! There was loud music too but we couldn’t do anything about it. Instead the party was mostly me talking to my friends Lindsey and Savannah, I maybe really danced and headbanged a little to like 2 songs but that´s it. I think human interaction is better than dancing in the long run anyway. Then Ivan and I walked home and that was my day! Pretty sweet stuff.

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