You can´t say you know someone well until you see them suck at bowling

EthanIvan´s first hour was Spanish today; most of the Americans hate that class since the teacher is kinda mean and it´s like English class in America. So, no Americans showed up except me. In that class, poetry was being studied. I’ve studied some Spanish poetry in the past aaaand I wasn’t too fond of it. The teacher was calling out to the class to read some of the poetry, and no one wanted to. So, she slowly just.. trotted over to my desk and asked me what my name was. I told her, and she asked if I could read. I was expecting it anyway. So, I read it aloud in class. Usually when I read or present something aloud in class, I get way into it. So I emphasized the necessary parts and read with emotion! It was a pretty depressing poem too. Once I finished everyone told me good job, even the teacher! After she explained it she moved on to the next poem, and no one volunteered to read that one either, so she had me read that one too. What´s ironic is the 2nd poem I read was about being bored, and I read it like a theater major. Everyone clapped when I finished.

The group walked downtown again to City Hall to meet the mayor of Leon! How awesome is that? Just before we arrived, this chick Erin got sick; her stomach wasn’t feeling well or something. Dude, everyone is getting sick now. Ms. Kelly got sick this morning, Savanah, Phoebe, and now Erin. Explanation? Culture Shock. Note the immediate differences of living in Las Vegas to Spain: different weather, the inability to communicate, frustration with communicating/language, not knowing what the heck is going on, etc. Ms. Kelly doesn’t speak a word of Spanish, and most of those other people either don´t speak it very well or aren’t practicing it. But! Another even scarier theory that my friend Shannon had of the sickness: it’s a curse. When we were at San Marcos, some of the girls put their bright orange scarf around an old statue, and took a picture of it, and when Shannon told her host family, they joked saying that now they´re cursed… THEN THEY ALL GOT SICK D:

So anyway! We gathered into the fancy meeting room in City Hall, and this guy in a suit and who had a mustache came to front and started speaking to us. The mayor is great, he explained in the beginning that he was going to speak slowly and clearly for us. What a nice guy. He just welcomed us, wished us luck, the usual. Once it was over we all took a big group picture near the steps in front of City Hall, and the mayor wanted one American girl and one American boy to stand next to him, and he chose me and Shannon! Totally nuts! The mayor told one of his goons to take us on a tour of the historical sites of Leon. These included various old churches but especially, Roman structures from 2000 years ago! Leon is a pretty legit city apparently. What bothered me is he took us places we´ve already seen a million times in the past 3 days here, haha. But it was still some great sightseeing.

Ivan and I walked home and took glorious naps, man were they glorious. Paco (Ivan´s Dad) drove us down to another old church/museum: it was the best old church I’ve seen yet! Because! It had TONS of SUPER old artifacts, like, from the year 1068 old. There was this giant gold chest in that museum! And also lots of Spanish royalty is buried there, and there was this room with tons of SUPER old books and scriptures and everything! And we couldn´t take pictures. How FANTASTIC. The last part of that super old church was the chapel itself, where people go to actually pray. So everyone who wanted to go in (I was first to go in since I´m so religious) needed to be completely silent. It was really cool man, people apparently sit in that chapel for hours.

Half of the group stayed to walk down to the place to go BOOWWLLIINNGGGA! This place was super cool, there was like an arcade and pool tables and air hockey, etc. Me, this dude Elijah, and two Spaniards, Laura and Javier, totally and epically competed in a game of pool. It got so epic to the point where there was a croud around us. It was neck and neck the entire game, and at one point the Spaniards had sunken all of their striped balls, and had only the 8 ball to sink. Laura posed calmy to tap the queue ball and send the 8 ball home.. drops of sweat ran down everyone´s faces in suspense.. Laura shoots, it hits the 8 ball and… IT JUST BARELY DIDN’T GO IN!!! Elijah and I ran around the table in excitement and yelling things the Spaniards could never understand. Laura and Javier ended up winning anyway, I just thought that was a great moment.

Bowling was actually pretty fun despite my hate for it! We played 2 games, and the first I didn´t really get a groove in or really care because I know I suck at it anyway, but my friend Shannon encouraged me to keep trying. So I tried remembering what Dad told me about my form, and then I started doing better. I lost the 1st game, then totally killed everyone in the 2nd game. Now… Ivan. This was his first time bowling. But bowling is apparently how he releases his inner anger, I swear. When he bowls, he swings the ball in the most amazing way possible like, diagonally across his back, and then SLAMS it down on the wood! I just, can´t describe it. It went into the gutter within the first foot about 82% of the time. I hate to say but I have.. never cried because of over-laughter. I probably have abs that could grade cheese now because I laughed so hard… I feel bad, but Ivan was cool with it, promise. I mean I didn’t really want to give him advice or anything it was just a stupid game of bowling. And I am TERRIBLE at bowling. I will end with a quote from Shannon, ¨You can´t say you know someone well until you see them suck at bowling.¨

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