I wanna live here!!!

EthanToday was my last regular day of classes in Spain! Already?! It´s too bad because I started lots of friendships in this school. Ivan´s first hour was French. French + Spanish = no bueno. Charmagne and I were out of there and into a Biology class. In that class they were combining genes to form dominant traits to determine what a couples´ ¨dragon¨ would like it. We actually participated and drew the dragon and everything. Afterwards, we met up with some other friends and we all went down to the Cafe at the corner. We spent second hour there, and then went back once it was break time for the Spaniards. During break time, I ended up meeting up with that one girl from yesterday! Ah! So she took me into the classroom where she was hanging out with her friends. I sat down, and every single person in that room surrounded me for interrogation. They asked me questions about Las Vegas and Spain and the usual, pretty awesome! But scary. They had me sing too. I guess I made some friends in that interrogation although!

Then it was lunch time, and during lunch these Spaniards just do whatever they want. I went with Laura again because I had nowhere else to go really! I wanted to do something different too. Lots of Spaniards were hanging out just outside the school ground, and once a super blonde, hipster American came by they all surrounded me again with questions and conversation. What´s interesting, is that both interrogation groups asked some of the same questions and were fascinated by the same things. For example, in Spain, you have to be 18 years old to drive, smoke, and buy alcohol. But in Amurica, you can be 16 and drive, but must be 18 to smoke, and be 21 to buy alcohol. So they were all fascinated by my driver´s license! And thought it was so cool that I ¨have a car¨ and drive and everything! Underage drinking (and just drinking in general) is totally a norm here, so they were surprised that I don´t do that too. I told them I´m Mormon, but they didn’t know what that was. So I explained it as a ¨super christian religion¨, they understood. But ya I made some friends and put my Spanish skills to use!

I decided not to go to class with that other group of friends; instead I tried seeing if any of the Americans were in the Cafeteria, they weren’t so now I needed to find someone to hang out with. While trying to find someone or any class really, I found some of the Spaniard guys that were in the first interrogation group. They said,¨Ethan! Come into the Gym with us man!¨ Hey, as my previous philosophy says, I wanted to do something new and make friends. So why not? I went in with them. I think it was a PE class, or maybe an open period for them, but it didn’t matter anyways. There were other people from that classroom who I recognized; they were just sitting on the bench. The guys invited me to play this varied game of soccer. There was this giant mattress up against the wall, and there were two cones on each side of the mattress. There was one goalie, and the rest of us just stood around the mattress. The object of the game, was to make a goal, obviously, but you have to at least pass the ball to one person, and the ball can´t touch the ground. Once a certain amount of goals are made on a goalie, that goalie has to lean up against the wall (facing the wall) while the other players try to kick the ball so it hits the goalie in his butt. How fun! These Spaniards… oh my goodness. They are SO TALENTED at Soccer! I sucked! They were still nice at least and gave me a few tries and what not but DANG! I´d say it was fun even just watching. At one point, a goalie got too many goals scored on him and had to be pegged, so that had me try, and the ball ended up pounding him in the face! I felt so bad but good that I hit him somehow.

For the rest of school I just hung out with Savannah, Sebastian, and Lindsey in the cafeteria. We stopped by the grocery store too. There´s this weird candy thing here that´s pretty much just nutella in a mini hot dog bun. But it´s SO GOOD! Savannah got 4 bags of those. Those evil little bundles of awesomeness ended up spoiling our appetite for the goodbye lunch after school. The group just met in a classroom and ate empanadas, spanish tortillas, and bread, nothing special.

Back at Ivan´s, we played MW3 again, and I took a nap. Tonight, there was another PAARRTTAAAYYY!!! It had the same layout as the underground party where every girl got super dressed up. This venue, thank goodness, had a dance floor. It was super huge too, and even had an upstairs private room! But this party was the strangest party I´ve ever been to. First, about a half hour into the party, me and my group of friends noticed that like, all the Americans were just GONE. Like… what the heck? My friends all wanted to go do something fun, and we didn’t know that we could leave, but Pablo wasn’t letting us go and blah blah blah. I was dancing with some Spaniards and having fun, so I didn’t really care about the drama with leaving, and I didn’t want to. There was this big dispute and gossip about where the Americans went and what they did and what not. It was weird… and annoying. People were whispering, and getting angry at one point. I was laughing at them, because I was having a great time with Laura (different Laura) and Patri.

Once we were done dancing we took a break for a few songs at sat down. What´s weird, is the DJ put on a Soccer game of Spain versus France on the TV, and all the Spaniards started watching it. A slow song came on eventually, so I walked over and asked Laura to dance. Y´know what she said? ¨No, I´m watching Futbol!¨ She said it in a nice way, but still DA HECK IS IT WITH FUTBOL?!? We´re at a party! You don´t want to slow dance with a blonde American?? So, I decided to retaliate and dance with Patri. She accepted, thankfully. But, half way through the dance she said she was tired, and left me. So here I am, at this dance venue, with all of my American friends gone, and my Spanish friends glued to the TV screen.  It was weird, this party. But it got better. Everyone came back, people were less crazy, girls stopped whispering to each other, and I didn’t end up just talking with a friend. Yay! Overall I´d say it was a good turn out. We all stopped by Burger King too (probably the only Burger King in Spain).

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