My ACTUAL Last Day

EthanToday was my ACTUAL last day of school, but this day of school was a more relaxed one since Semana Santa is this week´; it´s like Spring Break for Spaniards. I first attended another Math class. Math is a universal language too. Today´s lesson was about trying to reach a certain number by multiplying, adding, subtracting, or dividing certain other numbers.  It was tricky! Afterwards we went to an English class. The English teacher is a mediocre-English speaking lady in her 50´s I´d say, she´s super cool and all too. Today she said that for class we´re going to watch a film. Awesome! She holds up two movies: Mama Mia and Gladiator. Two COMPLETELY OPPOSITE movies. She says that the class can chose whichever movie we want to watch, but she spends about 3 minutes talking about how Mama Mia is better because it´s happy and has music and dancing; it was pretty obvious she wanted to watch Mama Mia. Now, me being the cinephile and movie freak I am, I wanted to watch Gladiator, because that movie´s awesome. I raised my hand and said that we should put the movie´s to a class vote, and commented ¨like in Amurica!¨ And so we put it to a vote, and Gladiator won. YUUUSS. The poor English teacher angrily put in Gladiator, pobresita, but funny.

Charmagne and I skipped third hour, and I took her out to the Cafe down the street; she wasn’t feeling too well. We stopped by a Pharmacy afterwards and got her some eye drops for her red eyes. I ordered a giant cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, man everything is perfect here. Whenever I would walk around the school, random Spanish girls would say hello to me, like all the time. Just a quick comment lol. I found Sebastian, Lindsey, and Savannah during lunch, and we just chilled in the cafeteria during fourth hour too. Sebastian said he wanted to attend his Spaniard´s Latin class! And that sounded so cool! But it was SOO BORING!!! It wasn’t even about Latin, but rather, how the Roman´s planned their cities and how many people lived in each ¨sector¨ of the city. Ugh. Ivan´s last hour was Spanish, and I really wanted to go to that for one last time but out of nowhere, everyone just left! All the Spaniards just left school. No teacher or students ever showed up… I wanted to go to Spanish class 😦 I guess today was just a super relaxed day.

I asked Ivan what we were going to do the rest of the day, and he said nothing. That caught me off guard. Lindsey and I were talking about how we´re getting so used to life here, that we´re starting to want some freedom. Most of the American´s phones don´t work here, or cost a bunch of money to use, or (in my case) hate texting on a phone because it takes 5 minutes for every word. We want to organize our own parties with select people, and have sleepovers! But I guess we could just do that back at in Las Vegas. Point is, we´re getting tired of the organized parties and events in this exchange program, and just tired of living in such a way in Spain. I guess it´s good we´re only living like this for such a small time. So anyway! I decided to go down to the mall one last time.

Before we went out to the mall, we ate lunch and I took a nap. But I’ve been bonding a lot with my host parents; I really like them! We talk a lot about just random stuff and it´s great, I make them laugh sometimes too so that´s good. They keep asking me if I´m cold or if I´m wet from all the rain here, and I keep telling them that I love the rain and the cold, and that it doesn’t bother me. And also, that I need to soak up as much water as possible so I can have enough to survive in the desert. hahahaaaaa…

Ivan´s family took me out to two different malls, and then we ate pizza at some restaurant in the 2nd mall. I had a great time, and I´m really starting to become and actual family member. I could seriously just live here with them; I´m not kidding. It´s too bad that I´m leaving so soon.. :/

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