Family day

EthanI woke up at 12:30 today. I felt sooooo good. The problem with the rhythm here in Spain, is that they eat dinner at like 10 or 11 o’clock every night! So I have to wait to eat dinner and then get ready to bed. So this was great to finally catch up on some sleep.
I ate breakfast, and right after Ivan´s dad told me we´re leaving. Oh! Ivan´s dad wanted to show me the pueblo where his extended family lives, like Ivan´s dad´s aunt and cousins and what not. This pueblo, Sariegos, is pretty rusty and old. He first took me through his parent´s house; they own some horses and a dog. It was a nice horsey 🙂

We met up with Ivan´s Aunt, and so Ivan´s Dad and her were talking for quite a while. Meanwhile, Ivan showed me these really old underground cellars where wine used to made and stored. These cellars had grass over them too, so they looked exactly like Hobbit houses! look!

Then we went over to the house where Ivan´s great aunt lives. She was the cutest, oldest lady I have ever seen. She had a hunchback, this old house, man it was great. This lady´s house apparently used be a slaughterhouse/cooking animals house thing. It was really creepy… and old. Turns out, one of the Spaniards in the group, Anxo, lives in this same old pueblo! So we stopped by to visit him, that was nice. What´s funny is Anxo´s brother is 28 years old, still lives with his parents, and plays Call of Duty all day. Just a quick comment.

Remember Ivan´s uncle, Jesus? The guy who calls me Justin Bieber and jokes about everything? Well, when Ivan´s dad explained to me that I was going to see some of his family in that pueblo, I asked if Jesus was going to be there. He wasn’t, obviously, but he still asked if I still wanted to see Jesus anyway. I said yes! A few days ago, Jesus sent me a famous Leon Soccer player´s signed jersey, ain’t that coolest thing ever! So I wanted to personally thank him for that, and see him one more time because he´s such a perfect uncle. It was a nice visit, Jesus made plenty more jokes and laughed with his rotten teeth and his pot-belly jiggled. He also gave me the flag of Leon; which I plan to hang up in my room now. I´m really going to miss that guy…

We drove back to Leon and ate lunch. Lunch in Spain has the same format as dinner, in that it´s important for the whole family to eat together at a table and everything. It´s also eaten around 3 or 4pm. I took a little siesta, and then got ready for the giant group dinner tonight.

I even dressed up all fancily for dinner tonight, and so did the girls, but the restaurant wasn´t fancy at all. It was pretty much a fast food joint. I got a hamburger *cough* one of the best hamburgers I´ve ever had. The meat was only like a third of an inch thick, and then it was lettuce and tomatoes, and a giant bun. Sweet stuff!

Tomorrow´s my last day here in Leon; I think I should just sit down outside and just purely enjoy it while it lasts…

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