Last Day in Leon

EthanToday was my last day in Leon 😦 I woke up at 12 again, and we were right out the door just like yesterday. The families of Anxo, Diego, and Ivan all gathered again one last time to go out to eat. This restaurant that we ate it, SO COOL. It was an ¨underground¨ restaurant, in that they constructed it under hills. JUST LIKE A HOBBIT¨S HOME. It was actually quite scary walking throughout all these different tunnels; it was a big restaurant. Ivan and I almost got lost looking for the bathroom, and then trying to find our way back to our table. We ate the usual appetizers: bread, ham, chorizo, cheese, salad, and a Spanish tortilla. We all got some kind of meat with french fries as the main course, and then I got cheese cake for dessert. These people eat so much! and I´ve only seen ONE fat person here. ONE. In America we all try not to eat as much to stay slim, but that´s not the matter at all! It´s eating healthy, first of all, eating less frequently, and exercising more. It´s not hard at all, really… for Europeans I guess. I’ve decided that I´m now officially European. Anyway, it was a very pleasurable dinner, and it took like 4 hours in total with added socializing after the meal.

Ivan, me, and the rest of the guys were dropped off at this bar where the group was. We just sat around and talked for a little while, then decided to walk over to this other bar and play some pool. Remember the recent post I made where I said I want to just sit and enjoy Leon? Well that´s what I did during the walk over there, except, well, I was walking obviously. It was perfect too; the clouds had broken up near the sun so just enough rays could shine upon the neighborhood and create a rainbow behind us. The storm decided to pause for just a moment to enjoy the sunset. The wind stood still, and allowed for time to freeze such a beautiful moment… I probably won´t ever experience such an epicness of nature within a city ever again.

At the bar, we all took turns playing in different epic games of pool, and I think I´m actually pretty decent at pool now! My friend Elijah thinks he´s awesome at pool, although he lost the game against Laura and Javier for us. So he wanted a one-on-one, me and him, to determine whether or not he sucks. I kicked his Jamaican butt in that pool game. muahahaha! I left that bar feelin pretty proud.

Before we all went out to eat, we dropped off Ivan´s little sister at her granparents´ house; so once Iván´s dad came to pick us up we stopped by to pick up Ivan´s little sister too. Turns out Ivan´s sister and her grandma were out for a walk, and they wouldn´t return for about 10 minutes. So we decided to wait for them. And what luck I had, Ivan´s grandpa has a guitar, and he loves listening to guitar. Hallelujah. And so I serenaded him and the family with some American guitar, because unfortunately I don´t know any Spanish guitar. He still said he liked it and what not, but yay for me!

Tomorrow is when I say goodbye to everyone in the morning. Then we´re going to take a trip to Madrid and go sight-seeing there, and then finally leave the morning after. Man… it´s gone by so fast. I probably won´t have access to a computer tomorrow, so I will post pictures and my last blog post once I get home!

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