Easter in Guatemala

Elder SnowSo this is Semana Santa (Or Holy Week) here in Momostenango. It is world famous. Lots of tourists came this week to check it out.

They carry these giant statues, or images every night in honor of Christ… I am not sure exactly what the meaning behind it is, but I assume that it represents the carrying of the cross. They even reenact the crucifixion of Christ in the nearby Catholic church. (No they do not actually kill the guy who plays Jesús) and that is very interesting as well. So that is essentially what happened this week in a nut Shell. I hope it makes sense, because I certainly don’t get it. Hahaha…. It is beautiful though. I really like it.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter weekend. Take it easy! have fun!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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3 Responses to Easter in Guatemala

  1. Mitch Snow says:

    Aaron, not sure you get a chance to read these comments, but the designs from the flower carpets pre-date Christianity and the practice of making those carpets probably does as well. I have so much enjoyed reading what you have posted here over the last little while. Goodness, I guess you are coming up on a year. Hard to believe.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I am sending all your comments back to Aaron so he will benefit from what you both had to share!

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