How am I doing?

Elder SnowHow am I doing? Well I’m good! Lets see…. I have made lots of good friends here… we have a decent list of investigators (25 actually) we have 3 baptismal dates, one for this Saturday… I am learning a lot from Elder Lares… I understood General Conference (there was only one term I did not understand) in fact I discussed some good talks with some members right after… I am district leader… I have an awesome district… I go on divisions every week (try to) and have made good friends in the villages of momos… We planned an activity last Thursday and HUNDREDS showed up! And President Bautista is actually coming here from Xela to work with us tonight… so I am good! There are always little problems… but I will not remember them after the mission. After the mission I will remember the successes and the good times. So I am just trying to be my very best so I can have as many of those good times as possible…. that’s the update =).

Our Baptism Date that fell a few weeks ago came up to us and gave us a cake! One for each. She works at a place called Hollandesa… a bakery that makes super good cakes. I think she really felt bad for not being able to get baptized. She has been coming back to church, and even went to conference this past Sunday. She knows that the church is true, and goes to church every week, and even goes to all of the weird little reunions and activities we have as well. We might not have the baptism… but at least we have the friendship, and a convert, which is wonderful. =)

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