Site Announcements: The Oscars of Peace Corps

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I’m now five weeks through PST with five weeks left to go. Like the Bon Jovi song, we’re halfway there. At this point I’m knee deep in practicum, which is a two-week period during which myself and other TEFL trainees teach classes at the local primary and high schools in Librazhd while our fellow trainees, local teachers, and current Volunteers observe us and give feedback. It’s intense because it’s coupled with our normal language class schedule but I’m personally having fun and feeling as if I can actually be a successful teacher. After my first class, a few girls approached me and said, “You’re such a good teacher! Can you be in our class every day?” That is what I like to call a Peace Corps Golden Moment, and those totally make up for all the times you sit next to a smelly guy in the furgon or walk in…

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