Answered Prayers

Elder SnowSo, we had this couple to marry this week, right? Lemme explain what happened.

We went to the Persons National Registry (RENAP in Spanish) this week to purchase a copy of each of their birth certificates and identifications so that the lawyer who we had in mind could have enough information to marry the couple. So we go to RENAP and ask for the papers, but of course, the system was broken. The only other option to find the information was to go into the archives, and search for the information by hand instead of by computer. I have attached a picture of all of the books that we had to look through. Page by page until we could find the name of the person.

After a period of 2 days, we looked for a total of 5 hours, 37 of those giant books, about 10,000 pages total, or 40,000 people, and we finally FOUND THEM!! What a miracle. Most of those pages were completely destroyed, and completely illegible. luckily, the pages that we found were in mint condition, and completely readable. What a blessing. With this information, we married the couple on Friday, and on Saturday we baptized the couple and their daughter! These people are super faithful people. They showed up to their own baptism an hour early!! It was a great blessing. I even got congratulations from the assistant to the president when we had a conference in Xela this past week.

So that is pretty legit. It was nice to know that I had found the people that the Lord had prepared for us. What a blessing.

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow


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