Baptism surprise

Elder SnowThis was an interesting story. On Tuesday we went to a member’s house because she wanted to introduce us to an old woman who had been going to the Relief Society activities and church services for quite a long time, but was never asked if she wanted to be a member. She does not speak Spanish, only Quiche, but from what she understood from the little Spanish that she did speak when she went to the reunions and activities, she loved the church. Other missionaries had passed by beforehand, but without a translator, and could not get anything across. So they left her. Anyway, so we go to this members house, we bring a translator who is a member, and we make flour tortillas, and berry jelly as an activity, and we had lots of fun. At the end, we ask her is she wants to be baptized. She simply said, ”yes, how is this Saturday?” We told her that that was great!! DSCN4606So we brought a translator to every appointment afterwards, we taught very simply, and slowly, and she loved the lessons. A day before her baptism she told us that she had a dream that angels (we think) told her that she needs to be baptized in the church, and that she needs to have lots of faith. So that was what made it a for sure baptism date. I got to baptize her. She came out of the water with a big smile on her face… so that was pretty cool. I’m glad that we got to help her out. She could have been waiting for years for someone to just simply ask her if she wanted to be baptized. We were the first ones to do so, and look what happened!

I can officially say that I took part in baptisms of 8 year old children, and a 70 year old woman. Matthew 21 talks about the workers in the vineyard who arrive at different stages of the day. This certainly applies even these days.

Hey I gotta go translate for some University of Utah students. They are coming down to study the malnourishment of some people in the villages here in Momos hahaha!! So that should be fun. I’ll talk to you next week! I love you, man… take it easy. Have fun!

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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