Hello Xela!

Elder SnowHey!! I had emergency changes!! I am now in Xela (the old name for Quetzaltenango–‘Xela’ is prounounced ‘Shella’)!! I am still district leader, and my companion is an Elder Albert from Wyoming… I am, once again, finishing his training… for the 5th time in my mission… I’ll have a newby. His Spanish is like mine was when I was new so he didn’t have a lot of information for me when I got here, so I essentially had to open the area. He says that he is very grateful to have me here, which is nice. Sometimes I’ll go to my desk and find random candies for me that he had bought. He has been very nice that way. The two days that I got here we had a powerful lesson in the house of a member, contacted 10 references, and found 5 new investigators. So that was really nice. He was quite happy to be getting some hope in the area. We had an interview with the bishop here, we made plans, set goals, and he gave us a blessing. This should be an interesting change. So that’s the update…. nothing more!

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  1. cherylgrib says:

    Hello, AB. Always love reading about how you keep showing your innate leadership in so many ways. Love you lots – GG

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