Guitar Hero

Elder SnowSo, here’s the story about the talent show. I practiced in my 5 minutes of free time ( >=-| ) every night to perfect a song that I knew (by Buckethead of course) and in fact I actually got better than I was before the mission (how odd) and I was completely ready to play. Once I got up there to play the song, however, there were so many people that showed up that made it nearly impossible to play the way that I had practiced so that everyone could hear! I had to play it different so it could be heard, so I was not used to it, so I messed up a lot, on top of that, apparently I am super popular in the ward or something because everyone kept shouting WHOOOOO ELDER SNOW!! and cheering and saying inside jokes and everything throughout the song and I got super nervous and that was undesirable… but in all it was fine. The activity was a success either way which was the goal =) I played that song for a good friend–an Elder Marriott–before the show though (we share this area, he is one of the secretaries of the mission) and he told me that it was amazing! So that was nice to hear =) but yea! I had fun! Our bishop was happy that I participated.

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