Some pics for you

Elder SnowWe had a fun pday with the rest of the zone… we went to the Xela museum!! I have two pictures I got for you… And we went to a fun market… it was a lot of fun, and I got some cool stuff…

Also, we had to look for a new house for some new elders that were moving in to Xela, and I figured that this would be a good opportunity to show what a normal house looks like here (This one was actually pretty nice)

Other than the bathroom there are 2 simple rooms where we sleep and study. I don’t have pictures of those.

I think that before the mission, I would have been pretty freaked out seeing how simple things can be… concrete houses… cold, dark… 50 year old showers… stuff like that… but now it has just become life… I remember talking to an Elder Carter a while ago and he was saying that his life feels like he is and always has been a missionary… and that Guatemala is no longer weird to him… that’s how it is now! Its pretty interesting… I love the mission… I wish these months that are left will be even better… so anyway I just wanted to show you guys what a typical house looks like more or less…

I love you… have a great week.

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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