My Momos Weekend

IMG_0052A few photos from my trip to Momostenango!!

I saw many people there there I knew just after getting off the bus, and I got many warm welcomes. As soon as it came time to meet at the chapel, we started setting up chairs and tables, because the couple was having their wedding at 3pm, and getting baptized at 4pm. So we set up what I thought was going to be too many chairs, but it turned out that 250 people showed up! It was awesome! I have a picture attached of my friend (he who chose me to baptize him) and I before entering in the waters (Elder Hendrickson, my old comp, baptized the lady). This just shows you how good of friends we were. We both make funny faces for the camera. He is a great guy.

I was chatting with my friend before his baptism, and I asked him why it was now that he decided to be baptized, instead of deciding to be baptized with me. He told me that when I left (by a surprise emergency change) it hurt him a lot. He did not want me to leave. And because I left, it caused him to think about marriage, and baptism. And because he started thinking about it, he started getting the spiritual impressions that he needed. One night he was talking to his GF (future wife) and he told her, hey I want to get married and baptized. She did not believe him, but he said that he wanted Elder Snow to do it. And from there, everything got organized. Let me tell you, that baptizing my good friend was easily the most satisfying moment of my whole mission. It was absolutely wonderful. It was so great to come back and see him again. I am so glad that I was able to help him enter into the waters of baptism. I will never forget him. So, that was my Momos weekend. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and am grateful that my friend was able to take his first steps to following him.

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow

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