Guatemalan Independence Day

Elder SnowSo it was Guatemala’s Independence day this week. The 15th of September. Unfortunately the 15th was a Sunday so almost NOBODY came to church. Luckily it was not too bad. Our attendance last Sunday was 150. Yesterday it was 94. On top of that, the fair and the parades were all located in MY AREA!! No where else. They just happened in my area. Here is a picture of the main highway that is in my area. It is called 29th avenue. The first picture was taken at 7:30 am. People were already setting up chairs and saving spots for the parade that started at 11am! After church, the parade was already underway. It was impossible to find a polite way to cross 29th Avenue to get home! This street was FULL of people. So Elder Banks and I just decided to be jerks and walk straight through the middle of it. I got just a few pictures of it. It was pretty packed, and a few bands got mad at us… but we made it back safely. That fair and parade alone made this week very difficult for the whole mission. But hey, each week brings its challenges…

-Elder Aaron Jacob Snow



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