Hello from Tierra Blanca!

Elder SnowI am in an aldea (translated as ‘little village’)! It is called Tierra Blanca!! Or white earth… nobody here speaks Spanish… all Quiche… (well they speak Spanish, but not that much…heck my Spanish might even be better than theirs! Ha jkjk…) BUT!! Yea… lots of super cool lookin bugs…and lots and lots of nature… it is a jungle… trees, rain… frogs… rivers etc. It is actually pretty awesome! We sleep in the little building next to the chapel (yay no rent!)

I am no longer the DL… but I have a fun fact for you. I was district leader for 1 year… and there have been no other DLs who have been DL for that long in the whole mission!! DAAA

We have a great member who washes our clothes for Q100 a month and does a great job, and we have food and water, so I am fine! I think I will be great here. We will go to Xela for our groceries just like when I was in Momos.

We are doing some great things here as well…investigators are showing up to church, so people in the ward are getting excited.

Hey I love you! Have a great week. I’ll talk to you next Monday! I gotta go…

-Elder Snow

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