I love this place!

Elder Snow



So I had a crazy week….. picture number 1…

IMG_5140That thing in my plate….. is squirrel… yup… squirrel, surprisingly it was delicious. I really liked it. Tastes like chicken… literally.

Picture number 2.

IMG_5139I entered into a Tuj (Tooc) for the first time this week. It is what the aldea folks use to clean themselves. It is a big pyramid thing where a fire is lit inside and water is poured on it, and makes steam. You just chill in that pyramid with the steam for 20 minutes or so while you wipe yourself with these crazy medical leaves that open your pores, and clean you off. They make the Tuj really hot so that you sweat all of the impurities out of your skin, them you start to wipe with the leaves. It is crazy… but afterwards you feel so good, relaxed and refreshed. It is wonderful. A bit of Guatemala culture for ya!

Picture number 3, we went to the mission’s tallest waterfall today.

IMG_5153Well, more or less. They really just took us on a death hike around a place called San Fransisco. It is actually bigger than what the picture dictates. Trust me. It was a good hike though.

Picture number 4.

IMG_5081A picture of our zone… it is called the San Francisco zone. Pure aldeas, nothing more… very tried, patient, humble Elders hahaha. But a really good zone.

That’s about it for this week.

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