Something from Albania

CherylI really can’t imagine what Kathryn is going through. What impresses me, and I think this may be a life lesson for all of us, is that though I’m certain she is experiencing a great deal of stress and uncertainty, she has decided to focus on the humorous, the interesting, and the positive. That’s a big deal: I think if you’re going to go big in life, you’d better figure out what glasses to put on first…

WildKat Formation

Well, here I am.

I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of last week because, well, it would be tedious for me as the writer and you as the reader. Suffice it to say that I am safe and sound in Librazhd, Elbasan, Albania. The fact that I didn’t miss a flight, lose a bag, or pass out due to jetlag is a miracle.

Yesterday the other PCVs and I met our host families. We stay with them for ten weeks during the notoriously intensive Pre-Service Training, then we get placed elsewhere in Albania for two years. My sector (TEFL—Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is in Librazhd, a small-ish town on a river (I can’t remember the name) surrounded by beautiful mountains. There are rows of brightly painted houses staggered up the hillside arranged around haphazard cobblestone alleys, and cafes and shops line the main roads. I live…

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Looking for what I'd like to be when I grow up; I like to find reasons to wear excellent outfits. I am consistently a work in progress, and I admit I definitely over-think it all...
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  1. Susan Gilbert says:

    You have the most amazing kids, I’m reading every post with wonder—great writers and great adventures….they were prepared by excellent parents!!

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